Dan Carlin's Blueprint for Armageddon

I recently finished listening to Blueprint for Armageddon, a podcast series from Dan Carlin's Hard Core History. In a total of ~22 hours across 6 episodes, it takes you through World War I in painful detail.

Instead of merely presenting historical events as facts, he talks about the political and social situations that led to the conflicts and quotes from the memoirs of many historians, generals, soldiers and common people describing the extreme human conditions, both physical and psychological, on the battle field as well as the "home front". In spite of it's length, it's entertaining to the point that it feels almost like fiction.

There's a lot of content packed into each episode though and sometimes it did get a bit confusing chronologically. But understandably, it was a multi-front war with too many things happening at the same time.

For a history podcast Carlin does a great job at presenting it in a with an overall unbiased and balanced view. The most amazing part is where he occasionally makes you put yourself in the shoes of those who lived the horrors of the war - the victims as well as the perpetrators.

At several occasions while listening to it, I remembered a quote I had read somewhere before (but don't remember where exactly) -

"One thing that we should definitely learn from history is the consequence of not learning from history".

I am glad I discovered this podcast and am grateful to my friend who told me about it. Can't recommend it enough!

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