Just moved my blog from Octopress to Pelican, another fine static site generator.

Octopress is awesome but after some time I felt it didn't work for me. It would not be fair to blame Octopress for this because the real issue was my passing familiarity with the Ruby language. I couldn't tweak and hack it as per my wish without spending much time learning the package management and the intricacies of the language itself (which I don't have time for at the moment).

Static site generators written in Python were an obvious choice for me when I started looking for alternatives. Having heard good things about Mynt I tried that first. But then I tried Pelican and liked it more, particularly for it's simple workflow - probably exactly how it would have been if I would write one.

This theme is my own creation. For some one like me, having non-existent knowledge of design, the easiest way to build a good looking site is to take inspiration from others ;-). The layout and even the typography is heavily inspired by Armin Ronacher's blog. The colors are somewhat lifted from the awesome Solarized theme (that I use everyday in my editor). I desperately wanted to stay away from Twitter Bootstrap.

To migrate posts from Octopress to Pelican I wrote a python script. The format of both being markdown, it was quite trivial. While at it, I also migrated my short posts about emacs tricks and tips from my posterous blog now that posterous is going to shutdown.

Finally, there are quite a few ideas and topics I have in mind (and drafts) to blog about. So looking forward to make yet another attempt at blogging (yes, seriously!)

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