Using postgresql's enum types with Korma

I have been playing with Clojure on the side for a few months and these days I am trying to build a simple webapp using compojure, enlive and korma. One problem I faced early on was getting postgresql's enum type to work with korma. Insert and select queries using strings for enum type values failed. In the end, I could get it working but finding help online or from the docs wasn't easy. So I thought it's a good chance to write my first blog post about Clojure ;-)

The example I will be using is a stripped down version of a table from the app which has a field named impact that can either be "positive" or "negative". The name of the table is activities and for simplicity, I have skipped primary keys, foreign key relations and other irrelevant details.

    CREATE TYPE impact_types AS ENUM ('positive', 'negative');
    CREATE TABLE activities (
        title varchar(140) NOT NULL,
        impact impact_types

Let's insert a row using the terminal client and then execute a query to get it. This works perfectly fine.

    INSERT INTO activities VALUES ('some activity', 'positive');
    SELECT * FROM activities WHERE impact = 'positive';
         title     |  impact
     some activity | positive
    (1 row)

To do this in Clojure using korma, we first need to define a connection (that I'll skip) and then an entity representing the activities table.

    (use 'korma.core)
    (defentity activities)

But now if we try to insert a row using korma by specifying the impact value as a string, it fails as follows,

    (insert activities (values {:title "another activity" :impact "negative"}))
    Failure to execute query with SQL:
    INSERT INTO "activities" ("impact", "title") VALUES (?, ?)  ::  [negative another activity]
     Message: ERROR: column "impact" is of type impact_types but expression is of type character varying
      Hint: You will need to rewrite or cast the expression.
      Position: 54
     SQLState: 42804
     Error Code: 0
    PSQLException ERROR: column "impact" is of type impact_types but expression is of type character varying
      Hint: You will need to rewrite or cast the expression.
      Position: 54  org.postgresql.core.v3.QueryExecutorImpl.receiveErrorResponse (QueryExecutorImpl.java:2157)

Same thing happens when executing a query with impact as a string in the where clause.

Fortunately, the postgresql jdbc library does pretty well in terms of showing sensible error messages and hints. As you can see, it says we need to rewrite or cast the expression. But which type of object does it expect? There is nothing mentioned about this in the docs. Turns out that the object is of class org.postgresql.util.PGObject. In fact, we can find this by looking at the results of the select query closely.

    (select activities)
    ;; [{:impact #<PGobject positive>, :title "some activity"}]
    (class (:impact (first (select activities))))
    ;; org.postgresql.util.PGobject

As per the documentation of PGObject, it's used to describe any type that is unknown by JDBC standards. Let's write a helper function to do this conversion..

    (import '(org.postgresql.util PGobject))

    (defn str->pgobject
      [type value]
      (doto (PGobject.)
        (.setType type)
        (.setValue value)))

.. and try our earlier insert query again,

    (insert activities
      (values {:title "another activity"
               :impact (str->pgobject "impact_types" "negative")}))

And now it works!

From the docs, it's also quite trivial to convert a pgobject to a string at the time of post-processing the results.

    (.getValue (:impact (first (select activities))))
    ;; "positive"

The only annoyance is that we will need to remember to do these conversions as a preprocessing step before running insert/update and a post-processing step after getting query results. But korma has got us covered with prepare and transform functions that can be specified for applying common mutations to data. Read more about it in the docs.

    (defn transform-for-impact
      [{impact :impact :as act}]
      (if impact
        (assoc act :impact (.getValue impact))

    (defn prepare-for-impact
      [{impact :impact :as act}]
      (if impact
        (assoc act :impact (pgobject "impact_types" impact))

    ;; modified entity definition
    (defentity activities
      (transform transform-for-impact)
      (prepare prepare-for-impact))
    (select activities)
    ;; ({:impact "positive", :title "some activity"} {:impact "negative", :title "another activity"})

Note however that we would still need to explicitly pass a pgobject instance to where in order to filter the results by impact. We can still reuse the prepare-for-impact on the map passed to where though.

Hope this post was helpful.

PS: If you are a Clojure veteran and think the above code could be better or more idiomatic, please point it out. I am only getting started :-)

Edit (2nd March 2014): Fixed *-for-impact functions to handle the case where the impact field is not included in the map.

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